Guidance group minutes

Minutes of the Initial Transition Town Payson Gathering, April 19, 2012

Attendance: Jean Handover, Paul Handover, Rob Ingram, John Hurlburt, John Stanton, Kevin Dick, Pastor Rich, Gary Bedsworth

The following is offered in response to questions that were raised.

Suggested Transition Town Payson Steering Committee Guidelines:

We believe in the natural unity of a power greater than ourselves.
We believe in the equality of life.
We believe in capitalism without excess.

We accept responsibility for our planet and our community.
We accept that natural resources are finite.
Our purpose is to reconnect with the earth and each other.

Possible Slogans:

“Wake up to reality”
“Life is worth the effort”
“Reenergize to rejuvenate”

Our next steps include careful consideration beginning with an inclusive inventory, horizontal organizational growth planning and project prioritization. In preparation for our next gathering in the parish hall of St. Paul’s church on Thursday, May 3, beginning at 3:00 p.m., please consider the following and plan to bring along at least one new member.

Inventory: What resources are available and what resources do we need to develop in order to become self sustaining and resilient as an isolated mountain oasis?

Projects: What projects may we reasonably hope to implement during our first year together?

Organization: What focus groups do we need to form?

Thank you all for sharing a commitment to the future of Payson.

Respectfully submitted,

John Hurlburt
Acting Secretary


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