What is a Resilient Economy?

Have you ever thought something might not be quite right with the economy?
How many of you, even before the last few years, felt that our economy lacked resilience?You know, some sort of instinct that then and now, especially now the economic system on which we all depend seems so poorly equipped to deal with shocks such as sudden rises in oil price, or energy shortages.

In fact economic growth, as it is widely understood, is linked both indirectly and directly to an increase in energy use, and it always has been.

Transition challenges the idea that we need to get back to economic growth, in conventional terms. Transition proposes new ways to regenerate the economy by making things much more local again and really cutting down on how much our businesses and services depend on fossil fuels. This could be hugely economically advantageous to our local communities, with significant potential for more local skills and employment.

Made with renewable and energy efficient material, this home was built with StrawBale walls and American Clay Plaster. American Clay is an all natural earth plaster made from clay, aggregates, and natural mineral pigments. The use of StrawBale helps homeowners save up to 75% off heating and cooling costs, aids in being fire resistant, and minimizes wood consumption, giving consumers an even greater reason to be environmentally responsible. American Clay installed onto StrawBale increases the durability of the home and allows the home to become one of the most environmentally friendly homes that can be designed.


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